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About Me, Lauren Halligan

     Born the daughter of a surgeon, I like to claim I’ve had a passion for health science since before I was even born, but small children grasp crayons before the marvels of the human body, so my love of drawing may have come first. In any case, the two seemingly contradictory subjects continued battling for first place for a majority of my life. I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with University Honors and a B.S. in Biology, but not without a Studio Art minor and studying art abroad in the Mediterranean through Semester at Sea for a summer. It wasn't until after I graduated that I found the perfect career to end the battle--I found my peace in medical illustration.


     In my time in the Medical Illustration program at Georgia Regents University,  I took health science classes alongside medical students in addition to expanding effective visual communication skills across a variety of media, from traditional 2D drawings to interactive and 3D animations. But my most valuable discovery was how fantastically unique the profession is.  Beyond combining science and art, medical illustration tells stories that words can't quite relate, and live footage can't quite clarify. Not only does it allow me to utilize my scientific knowledge and artistic skills, it also challenges me to think critically and creatively to find the best solutions to most effectively communicate a variety of health subjects to specific or broad audiences. And I love every bit of that.


I currently live in Duham, NC and accept work as time allows through my personal studio. I hope you enjoy browsing my work, and I look forward to speaking with you!

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